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bloc of right-wing and ultra-orthodox Jewish parties who have vowed to stand behind him even if he is indicted.As the leader of the Likud party, Netanyahu's govern until now has been ste▓adfast with no real contestant to his leadership within the party.Now, as the indi▓ctment becomes official, it remains to be seen whethe

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r members of his party will da▓re to run against him.Israel is now in a period of 21 days during which anyone who can enlist a majority of parliament members can attempt to form a govern▓ment.However, if Netanyahu's position in the Likud remains▓

strong, it could be years before he is ousted."He will hang in there and tell the public that h▓e is innocent until proven guilty," said Gideon Rahat, professor of the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."He is now fighting for his life. The question is how far his supporters will stay w▓ith him," Rahat added.Netanyahu's political prowess in the Likud, and the right wing as a w▓hole "is unprecedented," Rahat told Xinhua. "He will use this power to avoid prison.""He skillfully managed

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to suppress any candidate who showed potential of replacing him," Rahat added.So as long as Netanyahu's power in the Likud remains solid, a third round of election seems to be the most probable outcome after the 21 days are over. Now that the in

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dictment is officia▓l, for Netanyahu, an election is the optimal course."Elections are closer, because Netanyahu is now weakened," said Shlomo Egoz of the Politics and Co▓mmunications department at Hadassah Academic College.According▓ to Egoz, if

the Likud is legally forced to find a different leader during this period, they will ▓not be able to do so within the 21 days, plunging the country into the third round of election within one year.Currently, Netanyahu's main rival is Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White party. While Gantz has said tha▓t his desire is to form a national unity government wit▓h the Likud, his quick rise to popularity in Israel is greatly because of his promise that he will not sit with a prime minister under indictment.Although he secured one more mandate than the Likud in the last election, he failed to muster the n▓umber of mandates necessary to form a government."Gant▓z is still incapable of forming a government," said Egoz. "The ▓right bloc is much more unified than the centrist-left bloc and this was very evident during coalition negotiations."After two round of elections, several attempts to form a government and Netanyahu's legal affairs, Israel finds itself in a political deadlock that might not en▓d in the near future.Polls conducted on Thursday by Israeli media outlets show no major change in the political map. A poll by

decision. "It was a difficult
decision for me. I d ecided this with a heavy but confident h eart."Netanyahu, Isr ael's longest serving leader, is now i n a diffic ult position. After two fail ed attempts to form a government , the heav ▓y weight of an indictment has the potential of cri ppling him when he is trying to  recruit potential co alition partners.N etanyahu currently leads a 芮城县wap 元阳县5G 泾县wap 武冈市wap 马龙县wap 旌德县wap 如东县5G 海南省wap 沙坪坝区5G 安丘市wap 土默特左旗wap 龙江县5G 永济市5G 北宁市wap 内黄县5G 灌南县wap 那曲县5G 沅江市wap 密山市5G 平武县5G 制作单机传奇私服教程 暗黑佣兵版本传奇私服 传奇私服版本制作教程 韩版超变态传奇私服 韩版超变态传奇私服网 传奇私服网站今日新服 传奇私服登陆器打不开 我本沉默最新传奇私服开服网 传奇私服gm口令 迷失传奇私服刚开一秒